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Babalu is Bright, Lively Midtown Dining Done Right (Midtown Atlanta, GA)

Written by Mark McElroy

Tapas and tacos, with many fresh seafood choices.

With its sunny, wrap-around patio and a cavernous, tile-and-steel dining hall, Babalu is already attracting Midtowners by the droves.

The spotlight here is on small plates: tableside guacamole, calamari, ceviche, chicken satay, crab bakes, sliders, short ribs, tacos. It’s all very shareable. (For those who failed Sharing in grade school, there’s the Baba Burger, the Cuban torta, and a seared tuna sandwich.)

All this is served up by a friendly staff who, despite the fact they are still learning the ropes, smile so much the little gaps in service don’t seem to matter.

Plenty of parking is available in the attached garage – but lucky us! We live just two blocks away, which means I can get my black tea marinated Springer Mountain Farms chicken wings (one point each, if you hold off on the sauce) just about any time I like. Recommended!

Weight Watcher Advice
We started with the ceviche (no more than two points, if you split it), and moved on to tacos (three grilled redfish tacos for nine points, but I save more points by abandoning one tortilla and having two heartier tacos). Clyde even had a three-point glass of sangria. If you’ve got points to spare, split a slice of the very good tres leches cake, which is about twelve points per small piece, or about seven points per half-serving.

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Adventure dining is fine with me, but I have a real passion for those consistent, unique, affordable neighborhood places you can go any night of the week. I'm also a little obsessed with great pizza. As a Weight Watcher, I'm learning to balance my love for good food with a healthier, sustainable way of eating.

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