Quest Bars – An Ally in My Weight Loss

Written by Mark McElroy

Portable, delicious options for keeping hunger at bay.

As of this writing, I’ve lost 45 pounds on Weight Watchers. One big reason I’ve been able to see this kind of success? Quest bars.

When I started losing weight, I worried about getting too hungry, not being able to find food that fit into my diet plan, and ruining my diet by making a bad choice out of desperation. I found myself in that very situation on a Delta flight to the West Coast. The airline had plenty of food for sale in the coach section, but it was mostly sugar-laden, high-carb treats. 

Fortunately, I had Quest bars with me. Because Quest bars have 20 or 21 grams of protein, they do an amazing job of stamping out hunger. They pack an amazing amount of fiber in every bar. There’s no gluten or soy. They do contain dairy and milk, and I’ve decided I can live with a little Sucralose, Stevia, and erythritol. (I don’t get artificial sweeteners or erythritol from any other source.) And – most importantly – they’re portable. I can slip one or two in my messenger bag (or, man purse, if you like), and know that, if I get hungry, I have options.

And not just options – really good options. Quest bars generally have one of two textures: a little cakey (especially the brownie- or muffin-style bars) or soft and chewy (like a soft Bit-o-Honey). Flavors that emulate baked goods (chocolate brownie, double chocolate chunk, cinnamon roll, and s’mores) are good right out of the foil wrapper, but are at their very best after about 15 seconds in the microwave. Fresh baked brownies, anyone?

The least successful flavors – at least for me – are the strawberry cheesecake and white chocolate raspberry. In fact, I find most of the fruity flavors have a slightly unpleasant chemical aftertaste. I’m also not fond of the coconut cashew bar, which has, to my palette, virtually no taste at all.

But I find myself really looking forward to the others. Instead of picking up a giant chocolate chip cookie from the coffee shop at work (for a whopping 15 Weight Watcher’s points), I love a chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar (4 points). Instead of eating just three Oreo cookies for 7 Weight Watcher’s points, I have a cookies and cream Quest bar (which lasts longer, and satisfies me more) for 4. And I don’t get bored, because the variety pack I order has all the bars I’ve mentioned so far, plus apple pie, chocolate peanut butter (think of a Reese cup brownie), and mint chocolate chunk (think Andes candy), to boot.

I always carry Quest bars with me – but if I ever forget them, they’re easy to come by. Almost every Pilot and Love’s service station we stop at in Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama has Quest bars on the shelf, mixed right in with your run-of-the-mill (and far less healthy and tasty) cereal bars.

While researching this post at, I noted there are several flavors I haven’t had a chance to sample yet: mocha chocolate chip, rocky road, PB&J, peanut butter supreme, and lemon cream pie. I’ve already stocked my cart on Amazon with a few of these. You should do the same!

Buy one. Try one. When other folks are eating high-point treats, Quest bars give me an alternative I really enjoy … that fits in with the way I want to eat and live.

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