Who’s Mark?

I’m Mark McElroy, and there’s less of me than there used to be. 

As of October, 2017, I’ve lost 45 pounds on the simple, sustainable Weight Watchers diet plan .. while still enjoying sane portions of all the food I enjoy. At MarkEatsThis.com, I’m on an adventure, balancing my passion for deliciousness with a new dedication to healthy eating. If you’re interested in losing some weight, my posts always include tips on how to fit a restaurant’s menu in with the Weight Watchers diet plan. 

I’m all in for fancy, point-worthy splurge meals, but as someone who eats out at least twice a day, I’m more into the kind of tasty, affordable joints that you (and your waistline … and your wallet) could enjoy any night of the week. If you’ve got a place that you and your friends go every Monday night or so, let me know about it!

I live in Midtown Atlanta, with Clyde (the guy in red), my husband of twenty-five years. So MarkEatsThis.com is, by default, more focused on meals in Midtown than anywhere else (especially since we like to walk to dinner. (For notes on restaurants we encounter in our travels — and we travel a lot! — please see MarkGoesThere.com.) If you’re staying in Midtown Atlanta for fun or for business, check out the Midtown ATL category for tips on great places within walking distance of your hotel. 

You’ll also find posts here about the food we (very rarely) cook at home, my weight-loss journey, and observations abut what life is like after stepping away from the buffet.

My opinions are not for sale. When I find something I love, I love to share it with you. When I find something I don’t care for, I like to warn you away. And whatever I share, you can read it knowing that I never, ever take cash, credit, or free meals in return for anything I say at MarkEatsThis.com. Just like you, I pay with my own money. I don’t accept advertising, and, unlike many food bloggers, I don’t ask for free eats in exchange for reviews. Oh — and I’m not affiliated with Weight Watchers either, except for the fact I give ’em about $8.00 per month to track my food intake in their crappy iOS app. 

All that said: I do love restaurant recommendations. If you have a place you think I should visit, lemme know.